BRICK was started to create something that would connect us in this time of disconnection. With so much division being created from the media and politicians, we just want to get back to being Americans. Where democracy, freedom, and tolerance was born. 
We wanted a clothing brand that isn't just recognizable, it makes you recognizable to each other. We wanted to create clothing that whenever we see each other wearing it, you know that they stand for the core of what it is to be an American. We do not want you to recognize the clothes, instead we want you to acknowledge the person wearing it. We want to reach the real people that keep this running every day, the working people, blue collar, white collar, pipefitters, welders, carpenters, welders, painters, plumbers, electricians, accountants, truckers, military service members, nurses, doctors, first responders, second responders, trauma teams, store clerks, and all you other hard working SOB's out there.
So if you see another BRICK or DIRTY BOOT out there, give 'em a wave or nod. Give them a Hey or What's Up, or shake their hand, 
At BRICK we shake hands, look you in the eye, respect you and your beliefs and opinions, even if they differ from ours. Good to Meet You. Welcome to BRICK and know you are always welcome here.
Joe Brick